Friday, April 14, 2006

The latest crop...
  • I'm looking for articles about Vermeer and the paintings he did on the subject of letters--i.e., letter-writing studies. I want to find full-text articles that are peer-reviewed. Art Full Text isn't producing any full text articles. What should I do?
  • Where can I find a copy of the journal History and Philosophy of Science?
  • Where can I find a copy of Orlando, by Virginia Woolf? I keep finding criticism instead.
  • I'm doing research on Katrina in New Orleans and past floods in the Netherlands. I'm interested in the history of the urban planning, the levees and dikes, the decision-making process, and so on. My topic isn't really fixed yet.
  • Where can I find reviews of the book Mr. Bligh's Bad Language?
  • I'm looking for law books. I don't care what they're about--I just need some impressive-looking law tomes for a set I'm designing.
  • How can I find books by the author Le Hang? If the books are held at the remote storage facility, how do I get hold of them?
  • I have an article called "Physics and Music" that I copied from Scientific American, but I don't know which issue or volume it was from. How can I find out?
  • Where can I find out the number of deaf or hearing impaired people in the U.S., broken down by race?
  • I'm looking for books and articles about structured adjustment programs, which are economic plans used by the World Bank and the IMF in negotiations with developing countries. I'm supposed to find materials that are in discourse with each other--i.e., pieces arguing different sides of a topic.
  • Where can I find newspaper articles about the Vietnam War from African-American news sources in the 1960s and 1970s? I want to find primary source evidence of how black Americans felt disillusioned about the war and the country.
  • I need a copy of Mme. de La Fayette's Histoire de Madame Henriette d'Angleterre in French, by tonight. All copies are checked out--my whole class is using it.
  • I have a list of books by and about Rumi--I have call numbers, but don't know which libraries the books are in. How do I find out?
  • I'm doing a paper about maquiladoras and women's reproductive rights in Mexico. Where can I find more information?

There may be a few repeats in here--there seems to have been some small snafu in my highly scientific "save as draft" procedures. Apologies for any doubling up.


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