Friday, February 24, 2006

The latest crop of questions from the Moffitt Undergraduate Library, mixed and muddled in terms of dates asked:
  • I need Bartlett's quotation dictionary.
  • I need several books about the confraternite romane--i.e., the Roman confraternity--in Italian. Several are held here but out to users for months. Others are at the Law Library where I can't borrow them. A few are in Melvyl, but since UCB theoretically owns them (they're out to users right now) I can't seem to request them. How can I get hold of something on my topic?
  • I want to find a specific article about mutual fund flow from The Journal of Behavioral Finance.
  • I need a copy of Lolita in English. Every single copy on campus is either out or missing from the shelves. The public library's copies are all out too. How can I get a copy to read?
  • Where can I find primary source accounts of Native American Indians participating in sports?
  • Where can I find a Hebrew-Hebrew dictionary?
  • I need to track down a book I used ages ago--it was red, and I think it was published in 1977, and I'm pretty sure it had the phrase "civil liberties" in the title.
  • Does the Graduate Theological Union have the book Puritans, the Millennium, and the Future of Israel?
  • I'm looking for secondary sources that discuss movie about teenagers, and how audiences have responded to them.
  • Where can I get a copy of the story "Brokeback Mountain"? I saw the movie and I'm still wondering about a plot point that I've heard is clearer in the story. I wanted to read it before I go to my class.

Happy Friday!


Blogger anniez-k said...

So, are the questions different here then at the UO? How are you doing at finding the answers? Glad you're posting again.

2:03 PM  

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