Tuesday, January 31, 2006

At long last, a new post! I've cleared the blog with my supervisors, so I'm okay to continue posting anonymized reference questions, now from the Moffitt Library desk at Berkeley. My shifts so far have been a little slow, mostly because we've just come back from break and many students aren't working on their assignments yet. I've also been coming up to speed on the local procedures--the logistical and directional stuff, which always takes a while. I hope to start posting again more regularly soon.

These questions were asked at different times over the last few weeks; I'm continuing to catch and release them at intervals, in mixed batches, to avoid any possibility of identifying users with questions.

  • I want to find a copy of Joy Harjo's The Woman Who Fell From the Sky.
  • I want to find statistics for voice-over-IP usage in the United States.
  • I need to see pictures of domestic animal tracks--for example, the tracks left by pigs, cows, chickens, etc.
  • Do we have the book(s) The History of the Bible? I think it was published by Cambridge, and my professor said it was a multi-volume series.
  • I want to find a copy of the book El Teatro Campesino.
  • I need an English translation of Le Roman du Brut, by Wace.


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