Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hello! Here's a chunk of the backlogged questions from the last term or two, at Berkeley's undergraduate and environmental design reference desks. I'm interpolating the sources I used to answer the questions in parentheses--not all questions have sources yet, because I've only started recording sources in the last few months, and some questions have been simmering for longer than that...

  • I'm looking for books about the architecture of fast food restaurants.
  • I'm looking for plays set in slums. (Play Index.)
  • I'm looking for scholarly articles on Latin American slums, particularly in Panama. (PAIS)
  • I'm looking for primary sources about Chinese immigrants to California during the gold rush period. (American Memory, Calisphere.)
  • I'm looking for articles from Iris: A Journal About Women
  • I need articles about Burma/Myanmar and Unocal.
  • I'm looking for a readable guidebook to Yosemite Park. (Found G call number for California geography, parks, etc., and also lower G call number for California trails and hiking. Subject headings Hiking--California--Guidebooks, and Trails--California--Guidebooks. Also referred to Doe Reference and Morrisson Library for Lonely Planet and other guides, either to borrow or copy from.)
  • I'm looking for visual examples of costume and dress from England in the 1920s--just the things that ordinary people wore, not fancy dress.
  • I'm looking for a book called Hello, Hello Brazil.

I'm off to DC for ALA--ninety-five degree heat and humidity...ugh.

Monday, June 11, 2007

A very quick post, just to mention that I've installed a Meebo Me widget on this page, which means I'm now chat-ready! Shoot me your reference questions, and I'll see what I can do!

I'm also installing one on my home page (, so I'm actually chat-ready in two places at once...

I'm back from vacation, plowing ahead, and will post more reference questions soon.