Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello! Here are the latest reference questions from UC Berkeley's Doe/Moffitt and Environmental Design reference desks, as well as from our pilot IM reference project...
  • I'm looking for books and articles about traditional roof design in Japan, Korea, and China. I'm interested in temple and palace roofs, not thatched roofs or residential/vernacular architecture. (Melvyl, Avery.)
  • I need to write a paper about how the media presents information about obesity among children. I have no focus yet, and don't know what keywords to use. I need to do some background reading to get an idea of what the issues are and how my group could present them. (CQ Researcher.)
  • I'm trying to find a couple of books about Greek religion--our copies are all on 2-hour reserve, and ILL won't borrow copies for me to use from other libraries. (Checked Worldcat.org, found copy at GTU.)
  • I'm looking for a particular book on 17th century Dutch art. (In Art History/Classics library.)
  • I want to write about hip-hop artists and culture and global social responsibility. I'm interested in how rappers/hip-hop artists often prominently display Nike etc. logos, and conspicuous consumption, and what relationship that may have to their social consciousness, particular in respect to sweatshop labor.
  • I'm looking for more about how to cite in-text references from a newspaper article, in APA style. (Citation style guide.)
  • Where are the library's movies on DVD?
  • I'm working on a paper about first-generation black university students. I'm interested generally in their experiences, and how and whether they succeed. (For some reason, very tricky at first. Sociological Abstracts didn't work well, but ERIC worked much better. Found gov reports on first-generation minority student success in Ed Psych library, and referred also to those librarians.)
  • I'm looking for information about le Corbusier's Villa Sarabhai, in books. Does the catalog search inside books for mentions of subjects? If not, how can I find books that talk about this building? And does the catalog search for articles? If not, how can I find articles on the topic? (Google Book Search, Pathfinder, Avery Index.)


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