Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hello! Here's the latest batch of reference questions from the Moffitt and Environmental Design reference desks...
  • I'm looking for a plan of Blake Garden, which is where the Vice Chancellor of the University lives.
  • I'm looking for information about Levittown, NY. It was the first designed suburb in the United States. I need information like census data on demographics, maps of the neighborhoods, information about the history telling me who lived there and who wasn't allowed to buy in, etc.
  • I have this call number for a book in the Moffitt Library--where do I find it?
  • I need a recent edition of the Medical School Admission Requirements.
  • I'm looking for information about the economic impact on cities of stadiums and arenas. I.e., when a city builds a sports venue, the builders often say it'll help the surrounding economy. Does it really?
  • Where can I find online copies of these three psychology articles?
  • I need information about how globalization is affecting education in Argentina.
  • I'm looking for information about Clairemont, a neighborhood of San Diego. I don't know much about it, but I'd like to find information about how it was planned and designed, any sketches or proposals I could get hold of, or any other material that would have been created during the process of planning that part of the city. I think it was created in the 50s and 60s.
  • I'm looking for information about Hearst gymnasium. I'm writing a paper about its history and the intent for it to be a women's athletic space. I have stuff already about the history of women and athletics; now I need concrete information about the gymnasium itself.
  • I'm visiting from India, and researching high-rise dwellings and buildings. I have a long list of articles that another librarian provided me with, and I need help locating these articles in the library.
  • How do I cite footnotes and endnotes? I don't know which style I'm supposed to use.