Monday, October 29, 2007

Hello! Here's the latest from the Environmental Design and Moffitt Reference Desks, at UC Berkeley.
  • I'm looking for books about gay people's relationships with their siblings. Not books about birth order or psychological theories, but about how adults and young adults relate with their gay siblings. (Melvyl)
  • I need to know about development pressures all up and down the CA coastline. I.e., I want to know about what projects are being proposed, what opposition there is, what the trends are. I'm doing my undergraduate senior thesis on this topic. (Melvyl for gov docs, environmental impact statements. Web for organizations involved. ESPM & LN Academic for articles. Referred also to WRCA.)
  • I'm looking for the book Graph Theory, 1736-1936.
  • I'm looking for information about past plans to use the San Francisco bayshore. I'm particularly interested in a scheme to slice a chunk off the top of Mt. San Bruno and fill in part of the Bay with it, using giant conveyor belts overtop the city to move the fill. The firm proposing it was called WestBay Associates, and the proposal was in the late 1960s. I'm also interested in a scheme to build a bridge from Telegraph Hill to Marin, circa 1962. I'd really like to find visual images, particularly artists' renderings, of how these projects were supposed to look.
  • How can I use the catalog to find books on San Francisco residential architecture?
  • I'm looking for a copy of Thomas Schumacher's book on the Danteum project; if I can't find the book, I'd like to find some content from it online, and some substantive reviews.
  • I need to find books about the impact of the Korean War on South Korea. (Melvyl.)
  • I'm looking for a copy of Walter Benjamin's essay A Short History of Photography. I don't know which volume it was published in. (This was MUCH harder than it should have been. Pathfinder and Melvyl did nothing, Essay and General Literature Index did nothing, looking at the ToC of Illuminations and Reflections in Amazon did nothing. Finally found a reference in Google, to a translation published in Artforum in 1977.)


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