Friday, October 12, 2007

Hello! Here's the latest from the Moffitt and Environmental Design Reference desks, as well as an occasional question from IM reference. Our meebo pilot has been running for about a week now, and while it's still pretty low to the ground, we're starting to get some business. (A few questions an hour is fine, because we can do other stuff in the meantime. Low-investment, low-risk.)
  • I'm looking for several books on child soldiers in Africa, primarily in Uganda. (Pathfinder, Melvyl, public library catalogs.)
  • I'm looking for information about a building/installation created in New York at PS1, called Dunescape. It was by a firm called SHOP. It was put up in the spring of 2005, and taken down that summer. Can you help me find articles or any other information--plans, photos, etc.--about it?
  • I'm looking for dissertations about sound spaces (i.e., theory of acoustic design.) I want to see how past students have handled this topic.
  • I'm looking for background information on Strawberry Creek. (UCB guides and planning docs.)
  • I need to find out about American popular culture from the 1920s to the 1970s. I don't have a fixed topic yet, and I want to get a broad sense of consumer trends, amusements, hobbies, and other aspects of socia life during this period.
  • I need to find a copy of a short story by Veronica Montes. It won the Ivy Terasaka short story award, but I'm not sure if it's been published in print.
  • I need to look at some newspaper articles from Chicago papers that we don't have here at Berkeley. We do have access to them through CRL, but I'm not sure how to request them via ILL.
  • I'm looking for information about the relationship of Chinese-American parents to their children, especially for information about tension, depression, and other negative aspects. (Sociological Abstracts, for full text articles--paper was due the next day.)
  • How can I find out which are the best drama schools, for a BA in Theater/Performing Arts? (US World & News Report, Peterson's Guides.)


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