Monday, October 22, 2007

Hello! Here's the latest from the Moffitt Reference Desk, the Environmental Design desk, and the Doe/Moffitt chat reference pilot project:
  • I'm looking for an issue of the Journal of Canadian Studies that seems like it should be on the shelf--but it isn't. Is it in remote storage? (Yup.)
  • I'm looking for these proceedings from a conference about floodplains and riparian habitat. (Google, Melvyl.)
  • I'm looking for statistical yearbooks for various Chinese cities. (Melvyl, at the Chinese Studies Library.)
  • How do I get full text of this article I've located in the database?
  • I'm looking for an overview of how the IMF rebuilt Vietnam's economy after WWII. (Subject encyclopedias for background and overview, particularly Encyclopedia of Modern Asia. Followed cites from those bibliographies into the stacks.)
  • I'm looking for the original house plans sold by companies in books to homeowners--i.e., house plans (and sometimes building materials or even whole houses) sold from catalogs.
  • I'm looking for maps of Rotterdam, both current and in the 19th century. I'd also like to find books about Rotterdam, because they're likely to have images and maps of the city. (Referred to Earth Sciences for maps, but also searched Pathfinder for books.)
  • I'm looking for an editorial cartoon published in Judge magazine in the late 1880s. I don't know the exact date it was published, or the title of the article associated with it. I just saw it reproduced in a book, which said "Judge magazine, late 1880s." (Pathfinder for print issues of Judge owned by UCB. No digital versions in APS, Archive of Early Americana, American Memory, and no indexing in Readers' Guide Retrospective. Can find copies in Worldcat, but student needed within 2 days.)
  • I'm looking for these articles and books that I found referenced in Index Islamicus. I can't figure out how to actually get them, although I know everything about them.
I have a feeling that I may be reposting some questions at extremely scientific "cut and paste from a draft" method of distributing questions over time doesn't jibe well with the Blogger interface, it seems. Apologies for duplication.


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