Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy new year! Here's the latest crop of questions, from the Moffitt and Environmental Design reference desks...
  • I'm looking for articles or reviews of the Crawford House from the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • I'm looking for the records of the League of American Architects--they're shelved at NRLF. How can I get at them, and when?
  • I need to find an article on Brian Friel in The Irish Review.
  • I need articles about McDonald's and personal responsibility--i.e., the phenomenon of people suing fast food companies for their own obesity, etc.
  • How can I get online access to this article my professor said we had to read on Soviet culture?
  • I'm looking for information about a fortification in the Great Wall of China. The building is called Jiayuguan Pass.
  • I'm interested in writing about YouTube as a new manifestation of the New England Town Hall Meeting phenomenon--i.e., a populist, democratic venue for citizens to voice their opinions, especially their political views. I need articles about the history of the town hall meeting before 1900.
  • I go to San Francisco State University. Can I have books sent in from NRLF?
  • I need transcripts of speeches by President Bush after 9/11, so I can analyze what he said over time about the enemy.
  • I'm looking for articles about Jewish-American soldiers during WWII.
  • I'm looking for articles about capoeira and samba, as social resistance and creative expression.
  • I'm working on a project about the stair ramps in Grand Central Station. I'm trying to figure out whether they were the first of their kind in a transit station, or whether another station had similar structures first.

A slightly shorter list this time, because the desks have been closed for the holidays. But stay tuned for more!


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