Thursday, November 09, 2006

The latest crop of questions, from the Moffitt and Environmental Design reference desks...
  • I'm looking for primary sources, probably newspaper coverage, of a case that went to the Supreme Court in 1974. It was Lau v. Nichols, about bilingualism.
  • I'm looking for primary sources about African-American soldiers during WWII. I'd like to find newspaper articles and also letters and diaries.
  • I'm looking for an article by Meyer Schairo about the Merode altarpiece. JSTOR isn't working.
  • I'm trying to download a Chinese-language article as a .pdf from Chinese Academic Journals. Acrobat gives me an error message telling me the Simplified Chinese Language Support Package isn't installed. What do I do?
  • Where can I find magazine pictures of Paris from the 1950s?
  • I'm working on research about stepwells in India. I know they're now generally Hindu sacred sites, and that they were adopted/imported from Buddhist bath sites, but I need to know more about the original significance of them (pre-religious, in Indian Buddhism.) I'm interested in knowing more about other stepwells, including those in Syria. In general I want to know more about cultural transmission during the period when these were becoming holy sites. I don't know when that was.
  • I'm looking for three cites from the mid twentieth-century, British and French magazines and papers. Our subscription to the Sunday Times Magazine (London) doesn't go back to 1964, I can't find anything called The New Spectator (which apparently has one of my articles) and we don't have the Parisian journal Photo from the period I need. How do I get these?
  • How do I print?
  • How do I search the catalog in Hebrew?
  • How can I look up words by the language they came from? I.e., my professor wants me to find a word that came from an African or Native American language--how can I do that?
  • I need an article that was published in El Croquis in 1995. We don't seem to have the volume I need. Any idea where I can get it?
  • I need to get a copy of a textbook in audio format to see if I learn better that way.
  • I need information about the UK stem cell bank. I'm looking for specific policy and procedural information about how the bank works, rather than medical/scientific/technical information about the work they do.
  • I'm looking for articles about the biological/conservation topic of outbreeding depression.
  • I need books about architectural model-making.
  • Where does the Berkeley Bus (the shuttle to UC Davis) pick up on campus?
  • I need to find scholarly articles about the walls of Constantinople.
  • I need a copy of Night, by Elie Wiesel.
  • I'm looking for the Environmental Impact Report on the Southeast Campsu Integrated Project. It was just released and should be on the shelf, uncataloged.
  • I'm looking for articles or books about auto row buildings--parts shops, dealers, auto body shops, etc.


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