Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hello! Posts are getting far and few between, due to summer session and intersession. I'm not on the desk very many hours, and when I am it's slow. Still, I have overflow from the regular term, and I'm getting a few questions here and there. I'll try to keep posting semi-regularly through the summer, for those faithful few who check in now and then...

Here's the latest crop:
  • Mary Midgley wrote an essay called "Philosophy as Plumbing," or "Philosophy is Plumbing"--I'm not sure which. Where can I find it in the library?
  • I'm looking for information about the Canadian health care system. Specifically, I want basic information like how much hospital visits cost and how long typical waits for procedures are, compared to the US system. I'm also looking for newspaper reporting on the subject in both the US and Canada, and I'd like to see what conservative groups are saying about the Canadian health care system.
  • I need to find a quote by Louis Armstrong that I think he said once...something about race and performance, about the differences in how he was treated as a performer and as a black man in white society. I don't recall any keywords or where he said it, or where I heard it--it might have been in Ken Burns's Jazz, although a friend checked it for me and didn't find it there. I'm in a huge hurry and can't check books. If I can't find that, I'd like to get a quote from Amiri Baraka's The Dutchman, about Ella Fitzgerald. (Note: It's actually about Bessie Smith.)
  • I need an English-language dictionary! The city is tearing up the street outside my house, and it's so noisy I can't grade my students' papers at home. I need a dictionary by my side while I work. And then a quiet space to work in.
  • I need to find precipitation levels for the Berkeley area, dating back about twenty-five years. [Note: I futzed this one; a quick check in the Librarian's Internet Index could have answered her question. Kudos to John Kupersmith to drawing my attention to this tool.]
  • I need to find secondary sources talking about German women's experience of being in the workforce during WWII, and of being removed from it after the war was over.
  • I'm doing a research paper for a Mass Communication class and my professor told me to find primary sources for my topic, which is the demise of the print newspaper. She said I need scholarly journal articles.
  • I need a copy of Lolita. All the copies I saw in the catalog are out.
  • I need a copy of the play titled Rashomon, by Fay Kanin.
  • I need a copy of Samuel Beckett's Endgame.
  • Why won't my article print from JSTOR?
  • Where can I find reviews of the book La Llorona's Children?
  • I'm doing a paper on a play from the 1980s about the 1940s internment of Japanese-Americans. I'm supposed to show how the play influenced the racial climate of its period. I don't even know what the racial climate of its period was. Where do I start?


Anonymous Frances said...

There will definitely be some changes when you compare the WWII to today's workforce. Ever since those years, there have been plenty of improvements in the workforce performance within the various companies which exist from that year up to the present time.

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