Monday, October 09, 2006

The latest crop of reference questions, from Moffitt and from the Environmental Design Library desk:
  • I need reviews of King Vidor's silent film The Crowd, published at the time the film was released.
  • I need a copy of my Earth Science textbook; does the library have one?
  • I need a guide to diagramming, but searching on the word "diagram" in the catalog gets me all kinds of stuff in hundreds of different areas. How can I find stuff specifically on architectural diagramming?
  • I need an article from Scientific American of 1983.
  • Where can I find a copy of the complete commentary of Oecumenius on the Apocalypse?
  • Where can I find new issues of Print magazine? How about Communication Arts?
  • I'm looking for a book about Hamilton Hazelton, or it might be a book he wrote, ab0ut Vaux le Vicomte.
  • How can I find out about US troop strength in the 60s and 70s? And also about military funding during this period?
  • I need the second volume of Clark Kerr's memoir about the University.
  • I need information about Ghana's nationalist movement.
  • How can I find books or articles about Mexican indigenous peoples participating in revolutionary activities based on some religious motive? I'm interested in post-independence events in particular.
  • How do I get to past issues of The Nation, via Proquest?
  • I need a garden plan for Central Park. I need to see which plants were planted where, exactly.
  • I'm looking for critiques of field work as a research method. Specifically, I need to critique the field work methods used by the authors of Why Did They Kill?, a book about the Cambodian genocide.
  • I need to find a copy of Frederick Douglass's autobiography. Most of the library copies are out; I need it for my class right away.
  • I'm looking for box office information, and some background information such as major actors and directors, for the Bollywood film industry.
  • I left a book on a table in the library yesterday, and don't remember the title or exactly what the call number was. It was in the NA200s...can I find it again?
  • I need scholarly articles about financial advisors--i.e., the professionalization of the career, the changes that have happened since the sixties, the new certification models, what's likely to happen next.
  • I need to find a garden plan for the garden at Stourhead Estate, in Wiltshire.
  • Where is my class?


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