Friday, September 15, 2006

The latest crop of reference questions, from both the general undergraduate social sciences/humanities desk, and from the Environmental Design library desk:

  • I have the call numbers for a couple of articles--how do I find them? (Note: He didn't have article citations at all, so we went back into MLA and found them. He got it once he was shown.)
  • How can I get a book from the Graduate Theological Union?
  • I need a Chinese-English dictionary that I can take home.
  • I'm looking for an article on housing policy that wasn't on reserves where it was supposed to be. Is there a way to find it in the library?
  • I need a copy of Medea, by Euripides. I don't really know how to use a call number.
  • I'm looking for volume 6, part 6 of Chinese Science and Civilization. The call number range where it should be in the stacks has been shifted, and I can't find where it's been shifted to.
  • I'm looking for a discussion of the thermal performance of the Arab Institute building in Paris.
  • I'm looking for this article, published in the journal Culture and History. I can't find it by typing the article's title or the author's name into the catalog. (This was asked by someone who seemed to be at the graduate student level.)
  • I'm doing a paper on Zimbabwean nationalism, i.e. the self-determination movement that followed decolonization. Where can I find more information about this period?

Happy Friday!


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