Friday, March 16, 2007

Hello! Here's the latest crop of questions from the Moffitt and Environmental Design reference desks...
  • I'm looking for a copy of Thomas Schumacher's book on the Danteum project; if I can't find the book, I'd like to find some content from it online, and some substantive reviews.
  • I need to know average climate information for Vancouver, BC. I'm interested in degree-days, amount of sun, precipitation, temperature, etc.
  • I'm interested in how city planning in South Central Los Angeles has changed following the 1992 riots.
  • I'm looking for articles about Mexico during the United States Great Depression. How did the Depression affect the lives of people in Mexico?
  • I'm looking for information about foreign trade zones in the United States, particularly the western states. These are also called export processing centers. Do we have a book on these?
  • I need to find a copy of Slaughterhouse-Five. (This was ridiculously hard to do, thanks to the hyphenated title and very poor performance from the online catalog.)
  • I need to look at some newspaper articles from Chicago papers that we don't have here at Berkeley. We do have access to them through CRL, but I'm not sure how to request them via ILL.
  • I'm looking for information about the South Korean broadcast media--radio and television. I need specific statistics about the industry, as well as an overall discussion of the industry, its direction, future, etc.
  • I'm looking for books about sustainable design and energy-efficient buildings.
  • I need to know the name of the plaza in front of St. Peter's in Rome.
  • What is your thermal comfort? (From a student polling for a homework assignment.)
Happy Friday!


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