Thursday, May 12, 2005

So far tonight (3 hour evening shift):
  • Where can I find articles on binge drinking? (This was the uber-reference interaction. The student had been looking on the Internet, didn't know about databases at all. Caught on quickly, saw the advantages, and actually said, "I'm glad I asked." I felt an irrational surge of triumph.)
  • Where can I find books about Nietzsche?
  • Where can I find a biography of Lou Andreas-Salome, titled My Sister My Wife?
  • Besides World Press Encyclopedia and Europa World Yearbook, what can I use to find out about the state of the media in South Africa?
  • What is the postal address of the Royal Navy?
  • Where can I find articles about the revolutionary murals in Nicaragua?
  • Where can I find what John H. Weakland has written about family and marriage counselling? And what journals are there specifically for family and marriage counselling?
  • Where can we find out what advertising costs are on television networks? We have to write up a sample business plan for Pier One for our marketing class.
  • How do I cite an encyclopedia entry in MLA style?
  • How do I get hold of this dissertation that I found via ERIC, on tribal college selection?
  • Where can I find peer-reviewed articles about methamphetamine addiction?
  • Where can I find the UO's copy of Eight Men Out? (Bizarre cataloging on this one--no local information available. Sent her to get the EPL copy, while we figure out what's going on here.)
  • Where can I find a book of poetry by Blaise Cendrars?
  • Where can I find books about Francisco de Quevedo?
  • Where can I find issues of Good Housekeeping, Ladies' Home Journal, and The Delineator from the 1880s?
  • Where can we find information about the moon? (Asked by two grade-school girls.)
  • Why can't I get online access to this article from Renaissance Studies?


Anonymous Pierre Corbucci said...

Regarding Blaise Cendrars books, just ask :) i'll make my best to help.

6:40 AM  

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