Friday, May 06, 2005

Aaaand I'm back on the desk again. I've had something like 17 hours on the desk this week. TGIF, before I melt down.
  • Where can I find a handbook or guide to basic concepts in philosophy?
  • Where can I find books on death and dying--i.e., the right-to-die movement, and attitudes about death?
  • How can I find lesson plans about tidal pools?
  • How can I find a popular-press article about parenting method and time-outs, which discusses a research article on this same subject? (A child development course is doing this--lots of students are confused about this one, and we're seeing most of them at the reference desk.)
  • Where can I find books about the origins of rock music, especially as they relate to race differences between black and white musicians?


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