Wednesday, April 13, 2005

So far today:
  • Where can I find books about the Yugoslav War of 1991-1995?
  • Where can I find research about sex education in full text?
  • Where can I find lesson plans for teaching chemistry to middle school students?
  • Where can I find an encyclopedia and a dictionary?
  • What are those books that describe the contents of other books? (Bibliographies?)
  • Where can I find information about Spanish aesthetics, particularly in Spanish theatre?
  • If a book is "recently returned," how can I know where it actually is right now?
  • How do I get to ERIC?
  • Where can I find articles from The Oregonian about cases that happened in OR in 1909?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh-- re: Spanish Aesthetics, there's that Beehive Metaphor book I got in VA last summer...xo

10:43 AM  

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