Thursday, March 31, 2005

So far today...
  • Where can I find this month's Rolling Stone?
  • Where can I find the journal Review of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry from 1997?
  • Do you have any of these several small papers from the 1950s from Medford, Bend, or Klamath Falls?
  • Do you have the Black Panther newspaper from the 1970s?
  • Why can't I borrow this 1920s government document from the University of Washington via Summit?
  • I have ten minutes before my contacts burn through my eyeballs, and I need to find articles about arranged marriages in the Elizabethan period.
  • How do I rotate a PDF document?

Lots of newspaper questions today. Weird how that works.

Blackwell, African Books Collective, and archipelago have turned up some decent titles for the comp lit fund.

Going tonight to see a dance performance based on the works of outsider artist Henry Darger, who spent his whole miserable, impoverished life painting little girls with nascent penises. Should be interesting.


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