Wednesday, March 02, 2005

So. Very. Busy!

  • Where can I find articles about family income and student employment?
  • Where can I find articles about family income and student employment and political affiliation?
  • Where can I find articles about ethnicity and gay marriage?
  • Where can I find articles about how gender and income affect views of CEOs?
  • Where can I find these HQ call numbers?
  • Where can I find these BF call numbers?

There are a lot of sociology projects due on Friday, is all I'm sayin'.

  • If I wanted to take a train from New York City to Vera Cruz, Mexico, and then back up to Texas, in 1919, how could I do that? What companies ran railways at that time, and where did they go, and how much did tickets cost, and what times did the train run? (Asked in a peremptory and hostile manner by a man who prefaced his question with, "Here's a library school reference question." I don't actually remember being taught how to answer that kind of thing in library school. Fortunately I once did a research project of my own on English train schedules in the 19th century, so I struggled through.)
  • There was a general strike in Chicago in 1919 that was a major news and political event. Where can I find out more about it? (Same patron. This time he actually meant Seattle. I would bear him no ill will except that he also took the opportunity to quiz me on what "IWW" stands for. In-depth reference questions are one thing; mysterious pop-quizzes are another. I passed. This probably means he'll come back and ask me another question sometime.)
  • I'm looking for articles that connect ecocriticism to literacy work. (Clarified to: I'm looking for anything that shows a relationship between regional literature and literacy education. I.e., is literacy taught differently in southern France than in the PNW, based on local or regional literature?)


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