Monday, March 14, 2005

The course is over! Long live the course. Or something.

The class I was teaching with my friend/colleague Annie Zeidman-Karpinski is finished and done. We spent Friday grading final assignments, which took about ten hours, and which frayed us both pretty seriously. We're going to do a presentation at the Oregon Library Association conference next month on how an introvert humanities librarian and an extravert science librarian can co-teach an interdisciplinary research methods course without killing each other or themselves. Should be good.

Also, I just inherited ethnic studies as a subject specialty. Cool.

So far today:
  • Where can I find the book that has Heidegger's essay "Gott is tot" in it?
  • Where can I find books that show me how to write grants?
  • I'm searching in PsycInfo for articles on mere exposure effect. How can I limit and focus my results?
  • Do you have my lost keys? (This was asked by a patron who didn't speak, or, apparently, hear. My ASL is seriously rusty. We had lost keys, but they weren't hers.)
  • Where can I find issues of the weekly magazine Outlook from 1911 and 1912?
  • Where can I find books about the history of Great Britain and China around 1750-1860?
  • Where can I find a copy of the book Altered States of Consciousness?

The desk is finals-week sloooooow.


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