Wednesday, March 30, 2005

So far today:

  • Where can I find out how to write my daughter's birthdate in Japanese characters?
  • Do you have a book about the life and works of Cardinal Bellarmine, published in 1928?
  • Which of the computers has sound, so that I can listen to my exercises in my German class?
  • Where can I find a copy of Gardner's Art Through the Ages?
  • Do we have electronic or paper access to the journal Geopolitics from 1999?
  • Why isn't my print job working? (Blackboard uses frames; it messes up more student print jobs than anything else.)
  • Where would I find books by Dorothy Dunnett?
  • Can you tell me whether this magazine (didn't catch the title) is in Writer's Market?
  • I'm trying to find out information about a teacher I had in Drain, OR, twenty years ago. The local newspaper doesn't keep its own archive, and neither does the local paper. The school doesn't have any records that far back. Where else can I look?

Desperately trying to spend comparative literature funds. For some reason, this isn't easy. There don't seem to be very many publishers focussing on comp lit topics, or if there are, I don't know them yet. And every time I think I've got a likely title, I find we already own it.


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