Thursday, February 17, 2005

Please remind me, the next time I decide to buck the trend and actually teach a citation style, that there is no pleasure to be had in grading citation styles. Especially when you're teaching APA, and contorting it to apply to the hard sciences, to masses of government documents, and to all sorts of other non-social-sciences things that it was never really meant to handle.

Tonight on the desk...

  • I need a map of the various dialects and languages spoken in Germany. (Approximately one million Geo 202 students are doing this tonight; it's due tomorrow. Ethnologue is getting a workout.)
  • Do we have access to Hoover's Online?
  • Where are the Culturegrams books? (Geo 202, I suspect.)
  • Where can I find pictures of pregnant teenagers for my poster project? (Actually really hard to do, though I admit I steered clear of a Google search, afraid of what I might pull up...)
  • Where can I find articles about renewable ocean energy sources?


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