Monday, January 24, 2005

Monday morning, a foggy day in Eugene. We're starting week four of the term, and the reference area is pretty busy.
  • How do you spell "dichotomy"?
  • Do we have any copies of the actual diary of Anne Frank, as opposed to the play adapted from it? (This is actually sort of hard to tell from the catalog, because of the way titles are listed when they're not originally in English.)
  • Where can I find a dictionary of Greco-Roman mythology?
  • Where can I find an anthology of eighteenth-century French poetry?
  • What is the connection between those red books and the subject headings on books in the catalog? (Asked by a student in LIB 101, whose assignment was to find subject headings in common among a set of books she'd found. A good little conversation about subject tracings ensued.)
  • Thank you for helping me last year with those citations I couldn't get--once we figured out that the journal had changed names, I resubmitted my request to ILL and got them right away. (Yay! So nice to have good feedback!)
  • How do you spell the airplane manufacturer "Northrop"?
  • Where can I find a textbook on interpreting electrocardiograms, specifically for the abnormality of right bundle branches?
  • Is there any way I can request an entire journal be sent to me via Interlibrary Loan? (It's a recent philosophy journal that we don't subscribe to, and I want to see it in the flesh.)
  • Do we have a subscription to, or access in full text to, the Mexican newspaper La Jornada? (We don't appear to, although I'm told it's like a Mexican New York Times.)
  • Where can I find information about Mongolia in the present day? I.e., what issues face the country, where is it going, what's up with Mongolia?
  • Where can I find books about learning Japanese? What about Hebrew? What about audio cassettes or CDs to learn Japanese and Hebrew? What about videos of movies in Japanese or Hebrew?
  • If something is published by the Cato Institute, is it from an academic source?


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