Thursday, January 13, 2005

In a whirlwind of activity, pre-ALA. Teaching class, planning next week's classes, prepping for committee meetings, doing desk hours, indexing for ABELL (@#!! midwinter deadling), and generally keeping the good ship afloat. My feet hurt and I want to go home and watch Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid.* Except I did that last night. When all else fails, eat chocolate and watch a creature feature.

So far today:
  • What's the difference between peer-reviewed and refereed journals?
  • How can I get into Lexis-Nexis Academic to find newspaper articles?
  • Where can I find books on photography in this library, as opposed to in the Architecture and Allied Arts library?
  • Can I get a print copy of an article on food labeling that was in the NY Times in 2003?
  • Where can I find coverage of an event that occurred in the 1950s--a kidnapping and beating of a black man in Houston by KKK members?
  • Where is the wireless signal strongest in the library?
  • What is the most recent edition of the Mental Measurement Yearbook?

I taught for an hour and a half on LC classification today, and nobody fell asleep. There was a suspiciously high rate of absence, though. It baffles me that the students who can't hand in assignments on time can still look ahead through the syllabus to see when they don't have to do a follow-up draft on a class. And then they disappear in droves. Mysterious.

*Terrible. But satisfying.


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