Thursday, December 16, 2004

We're in intersession, but we keep the reference desk open for a few hours to catch stragglers. So far:
  • Where can I find more about women writers? (Actually via email, from a non-UO address. The patron had just started reading Virginia Woolf, and wanted to find out more about women writers. I'm a little charmed, a little bemused.)
  • Where can I find sheet music for traditional Romany songs and dances?
  • How can I, as a faculty member, deal with my suspicions of 3 cases of academic plagiarism by my students?
  • Where can I find information about how food nutritional values are affected by light?
  • How can I print a 200-page document from EEBO without having to print each page separately and manually?

That last one freaks me out. I think I've printed documents of more than one page with a single click in EEBO before, but maybe not. Surely they didn't design an interface where you have to click through each individual scanned page image and print it separately? Investigation forthwith.


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