Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Questions of the day:
  • Where can I find a history of the word "occult," to see whether it had any associations with Catholicism circa 1901?
  • Where can I find a history of the word "chill," as it was used in place of the contraction "I'll"?
  • Where can I find articles that talk about the size of companies' board of directors relative to their earnings or profits?
  • Where can I find books that discuss extinction theories of the dinosaurs?
  • Can you point me to a source that will give me information about various drugs, i.e., lidocaine?
  • Where can I find information about my first cousin four times removed, who died in Coos County in 1908, and who was written about in Covered Wagon Women, published by Bison Press?
  • Where can I find case studies about teenage sex?
  • I returned a book a week ago about child development, which was in the RJs and had a black binding--how can I find it again if I don't remember anything else about it?

Interesting: two OED questions, one right after the other, unrelated. Some days are like that.


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