Thursday, May 20, 2004

I love the Internet, I hate the Internet.

I love that the Internet has such gems as The Complete Review, which compiles and exerpts from reviews of literature from newspaper sources, and provides thoughtful full-text original essays on literary topics (in the Quarterly.) I love that it has tools such as Kinja, which is slowly but surely making my current-awareness project of reading relevant much more efficient. (Thanks, Amanda!)

I hate the way the Internet makes me feel like a small, not-very-worldy person with a pointy dunce cap, alone and adrift on a failing raft in the middle of a huge sea. A bit like that Winslow Homer painting, The Gulf Stream. You know? I can't help feeling, when I stumble across something like The Complete Review, that everyone else has known about it forever, and when I post a link they're all looking at me sort of quizzically, wondering Where have you been, exactly?

I realize that's my own issue, though.

And in unrelated news, possibly of interest to other instruction-oriented librarians, the peer-reviewed journal Academic Exchange Quarterly has posted a call for papers on information literacy for its Winter 2004 issue. Deadline is the end of August.


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