Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Oh good Lord, a new interface for Blogger. And Yahoo's changed its mail too. I go away for a week and everything goes pear-shaped. Or at least differently-shaped.

Apart from technology allergies, all is well. I had a lovely time at the National Diversity in Libraries Conference in Atlanta, GA. I took a few extra days and explored Atlanta with a friend, and it was just great. Two Martin Luther King Centers, the Sweet Auburn Street Fair, The Auburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture and History, a covert picnic in the botanical gardens, and lots of cute neighbourhoods with great restaurants and clothing shops. Sometimes one must be shallow.

The Vancouver marathon went well, and I did not die.

In somewhat more substantive (and on-topic) news, there's this: failbetter.com. A hip little online literary magazine currently hosting an interview with one of my favourite modern comic writers, Jonathan Ames. An excerpt from whose novel, Wake Up, Sir! (originally titled Homes, Jeeves!) I just read in Conjunctions. It's about an effete young New Jersey wastrel with a drinking problem and a possibly imaginary manservant, and it's very Ames. In a good way.

What pointed me there was a fellow Blogger blog: Confessions of an idiosyncratic mind, which looks like a good candidate for Kinja. Which I keep meaning to set up. Any minute now. Yes.


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