Friday, March 26, 2004

Ah, man. And again I've let things slip. How did it get to be March 26? Well, I've spent most of the month wrestling with a back injury, which has been time-consuming and informative. I've seen a lot of plastic models of the human spine, I tell you. And I know how ultrasound works. I sort of wish I didn't.

Anyway, here's some of what's been on my radar lately.

  • The Vancouver Marathon. Just signed up today. Assuming I can haul my crippled back the whole distance, it should be great. I miss Vancouver, and I miss my friend Kris, who lives there. And, road trip! Whee!

  • Thoughts from the Bus Stop. A Blogger blog, coincidentally. The bus stop muser provides great links to art and culture in the UK, as well as patterns for knitting your own Elvis wig. I think I love her.

  • McClintock, First Floor. Which is a cleanly-designed site that tours you through a virtual version of the artist's house, including the books on his coffee table and the stuff in his drawers. (He wears boxers.) You can click on the "no ads" version to get it without ads.

  • Antena: Camino del Sol. Belgian lounge music. Mmmmm.

  • 24 Hour Museum. A clearinghouse for sites related to UK museums and galleries. Great for browsing when you need a cultural shot in the arm.

  • Weather Project. Olafur Eliasson's installation in Turbine Hall, Tate Modern. It's...a weather system. I love it. I want to see it. And feel it, since it involves cloud formations and a miniature sun. It sounds amazing. Why don't I live in London, again? Oh, right. I'm not English. I need to work on that.

Okay, that's a passel of stuff to check in on from time to time. Not very librariany, except maybe McClintock, which appeals to the deviant cataloging subsection of my parietal lobe. But it's all fun stuff, and after a month of back pain, fun is just about all I'm looking for.


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