Monday, November 10, 2003

A couple of things worth keeping track of, while I'm here:

Data for Local Communities

A website put together by the dedicated librarians and staff at the University of Oregon's Knight Library. It grew out of a list of links to local community information sources, which Documents librarian Tom Stave and his merry bande turned into a good-looking, deep, easy-to-search site collating all manner of sites offering information on substate regions. This means that you can find out information by county, city, metropolitan region, neighorhood, watershed, school district, ZIP code, and a lot of other subdivisions. I'm still tooling around in this to figure out all that I can do with it, but it's already muy cool.


Little Blue Light

An interesting little site with brief essays, biographies, and summaries of criticism about selected literary authors. Not perfect (someone needs a proofreader) but one I haven't seen before.


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